Saturday, 17 July 2010

Balancing Act

With the two week July break nearly over, I've been thinking a lot about balance. Going from "flat out" for 11 weeks to "dead stop" for two weeks has made me think about how to balance things a little better next term. I'll be studying on-line for about 6 hours a week, teaching full time, preparing the Tournament of Minds team, preparing for my turn at the "assembly item" and preparing for the whole school "Extravaganza" in November. I'll need to balance numeracy, literacy and the arts in class - and lesson preparation, study and downtime at home. So I've moved my easel downstairs and pulled out my art journal, because sketching is one time I don't think about two or three things at once, and if it is right there in front of me I am more likely to pick up a pencil and just do it.


patti said...

Fantastic idea Cate! The journal allows you to have 'processing' time, so your mind is less cluttered - important when you've got so much going on.

martie said...

Finding balance is always difficult! But look at that easel - what a great drawing. Sounds like your life is full and exciting. And what a great restaurant for your sister's surprise party. It looks like such fun and I can only imagine how heavenly the food must have been!

And - thanks to you I've posted a couple of photos of my "refreshed" hair!

Annie said...

Good idea to bring the artspace to you instead of trying to get to the artspace....must try it; explains why I can never get time to do my homework.