Thursday, 17 June 2010

Inner Peace

Spice, practising inner peace

Here's a recipe for inner peace if I ever saw one - from my Yoga weekly newsletter:

  • Pratipaksha Bhavana is a technique offered by Sage Patanjali as a means of preventing the mind from being agitated and moving from its centre.
  • Pratipaksha means opposite point of view and Bhavana is contemplation or a state of thought.
  • In this practice when a disturbing thought arises, counter it by consciously bringing to mind its opposite to neutralise any opposition to positive values.
Try it - it's quite relaxing - I was in line for a hectic day at work, so brought to mind an easy day. The day may have still been hectic, but I didn't waste energy worrying about it!


Annie said...

I'll try- son has forgotten his bus ticket and homework and it is only 9am. Plumber is here making a mess and it is raining. Picturing this- I'll have an organised son, a functional bathroom and a cup of chai in hand. Ommmm

martie said...

Yes, that is the way to be. I remember my Mom, years ago, would say "cancel that" if a harsh word passed her lips. She believed that we can control our environment by putting out positive throughs (or negative ones) and that what we speak comes back at least 10-fold. Her "cancel that" comes back to me even now when I give in and utter harsh words. I think the two principles are the same. Great to live by!