Thursday, 24 June 2010

A day is a long time... politics. Although a female Prime Minister is a good thing for Australia, I am not alone in being less than happy about the way in which it was achieved. Although not a Labor Party member, I thought Kevin Rudd was a very good PM who had done some excellent things for Australia. In recent times a hostile senate, hostile media and apparent lack of good PR has caused a slump in the polls, so out came the faction fighting. Shouldn't be surprised - what workplace or committee is without the potential for a Shakespearian backstabbing? Et tu, Brute.


patti said...

I agree - KR worked hard for Australia and deserved better than that. And Julia Gillard deserved to come into power in better circumstances. Still, it's good to see her there.

Annie said...

Do they really think we cannot see what happened here? The press and the miners were baying for his blood months ago, and proved stronger. Rupert Murdoch has a lot to answer for.
Gillard is merely a puppet, and joins Kristina on the toy shelf.
Thank goodness Rudd left with his family and his morals intact.

martie said...

I think perhaps politics has always been a bit, shall we say less than morale? But with the 24-hour news media and what appears to be lack of scruples across the planet, what can we expect? But, as you have said, it's been a long time coming and I am confident she will make a positive impression on you all (and maybe the world).