Sunday, 24 January 2010

Go West, Young Man (old(ish) woman??)

I'm in Perth!! Nothing like following your New Year's Intentions to the letter. My good friend and roommate from New Guinea in 1971/72 lives in Mandurah, a beautiful seaside town 1 hour south of Perth. She visited me in Easter 2008, so I was overdue to return the compliment. One e-mail and a cheap carry-on bag fare later, I was winging my way across the continent, about as far as I could get from home and still be in Australia. And Paull tells me that if you could dig through the centre of the earth from New York, you would arrive just off the coast of Perth. (There is a website that tells you this.) (Apparently.) So I'm having a wonderful end to my holiday, back to Sydney Monday, back to school Wednesday (no kids), back to 30 kids Thursday.

Refreshed, revitalised, re-energised!

Pics to come - Perth's coastline is bee-yoo-ti-ful

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