Sunday, 13 December 2009

Morning Dip

Our dogs (sisters) are starting to slow down a little as they reach 12 years of age. I notice it in our morning runs - they have begun to cut corners, and find interesting things to smell, then catch up while I'm stretching. They used to jump straight into the river at every opportunity, but this year they have held back a little - it may be that they can't see as clearly as before. So I took the camera this morning to capture some of our mornings together - we've been having an early morning walk together virtually every day of their lives. They've seen me through some sad times, some changes, some lonely times, and lots of good times. I hope they have many more years with us - but I'm also very aware of a dog's life span. So far, so good!

1 comment:

martie said...

At least they are still out there running with you, and (speaking from experience here) I sure slow down as I get older! I really enjoyed these photos!