Monday, 21 December 2009


Back in September I blogged about our school Art Show, and how I was going to win the Ken Done limited edition print in the raffle. I was going to win because:
  1. I really, really liked it
  2. I admire Ken Done's work
  3. It matched my colour scheme in the loungeroom
  4. I invested TEN dollars in tickets
  5. So I deserved to win it
...and if you look closely at these pics of my loungeroom, you'll see I WON IT!!!!!!!!!
The raffle was drawn on Presentation Day, and I and my whole class made complete fools of ourselves yahooing and cheering. It is called "Sydney Dreaming" and has an aboriginal dot motif. As the other original artworks in my room are Aboriginal dot paintings, it fits in perfectly.
What a lovely way to end the school year.


Sorrow said...

That is so awesome~!
Don't you love it when it all comes together?
~happy smile~!

Annie said...

Yay!!!!!Wah Hoo!!!!! Go Girl !!!!!!!
It looks like it had your name on it- tell people that you had it commissioned.

patti said...

It looks fantastic - Ken Done is just magic! Well done, it obviously had your name on it!!

martie said...

Yes indeed! It is really beautiful! And wow - I love the light coming through those great door/windows.