Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Big Lebowski goes to Ikea

As I've mentioned, I've been overdosing on the Lifestyle channel. So the bar had to go. I found a builder/handyperson who shared my vision for a bar-less living room, and he knocked it out quickly and cleanly. So then I arranged and rearranged the furniture several times (on my own) (yes my back hurts). Finally, it all came together - nearly. It required a rug. Off to Ikea I went, with a vague feeling that it had to be red and as long as the dressser. I found it, a one-off hand made in Iran, red & blue wool rug. I took it to the cash registers. I waited 25 minutes. I finally had it scanned.
"You can't have this one, it is the display rug".
"But - it is the only one....."
"Yes, it is the display rug, you'll have to take it back and see if they have some in stock"

Feeling caught in a catch 22, I started back to textiles. Have you ever tried walking BACKWARDS in Ikea? Once I'd extricated myself from the warehouse section (lost) I started pushing past families, jumping over trolleys and toddlers, and finally made it back to textiles.
"They said I have the display rug"
"They are all display rugs, they're one-off"
"They said I couldn't buy it"
"Tell them to ring us- don't queue again, just go straight back"

Back I went, at least swimming WITH the tide this time. Then I had to "push in" in front of people who had been waiting for 25 minutes. I contemplated leaving the rug and going home rug-less. But the rug and I had bonded in this time, so I pushed in regardless. I bought the rug. And I think you'll agree, it really pulls the room together!


~ Jan ~ said...

Made me laugh...YES I have tried to do Ikea backwards & even worse...with bored children! lol Rug looks good too. Cheers! :)

patti said...

I love what you've done Cate! The dining table looks great over near the window and the rug is beautiful. I need your talents at my place!

p.s. Happy Birthday!

~ Jan ~ said...

You forgot to mention that it's your birthday!!! Hope you had a great day. I see that Paull is doubt that made for a special day. Cheers! :)

martie said...

Let's hear it for perseverance! Perfect rug! (And no I have never tried to go backwards at an Ikea! You must have felt very salmon like.)