Monday, 8 June 2009


What passes for winter here in Sydney is just beginning to bite, and this loooooong weekend has been a good time to hibernate, tidy cupboards, read papers, slooow down. I picked up a bargain at the two-dollar shop (for six dollars) - a cosy cat-bed. My only question was -would our fussy cat (Spice) like it? My other question should have been - would our fussy cat fit in the bargain bed? She walked around it, sniffed it all over, stood in it for a few minutes, then began the laborious task of trying to curl up in it. Mission accomplished - she stayed there all night; a cosy fit.

Is there a better feeling than waking up on Monday but it is not the usual Monday? It is sleep in, slow breakfast, go out to a movie & lunch. Happy Birthday, Queen, and thanks for the holiday!

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Annie said...

Our cats are really enjoying our move- there is always an empty box to curl up in. Spice just fits in that basket, and no draughts around the back!