Friday, 20 March 2009

Weekend Resolutions


It is Friday night after another busy week, and I have some resolutions:
  1. Put up my easel and paint something - anything!

  2. See a movie - I'm thinking the Australian/Lebanese movie, "The Combination"

  3. Do just enough housework to make the place feel good

  4. Do just enough schoolwork to make next week flow

  5. Go out for breakfast with the Saturday papers and favourite man

  6. Maybe - go to the city to see the "Salon des Refuses" alternate Archibald Prize exhibition

  7. Get in lots of healthy food and sourdough bread

  8. Relax with a cup of tea before I go for a dog run/walk

  9. When I do walk - really stop to "smell the roses" along the river

  10. Be grateful that I have a job to wind down from!

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