Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Week 6 already...

Teachers talk in "weeks" and often don't know the date something will happen - we just know it will happen "Wednesday, Week 6" for example. This term is 10 weeks, so we are right in the middle of things. I'm enjoying being in a routine now with my (beautiful) new class, and having plenty of time for art and drama as well as the three R's. They have all made a blog on which to present their homework assignments, and they love leaving comments on their friend's blog.I guess that they will move on to twitter and facebook as they get into high school. Today I was able to present a lesson in our new computer lab using an "interactive" whiteboard with a touch screen - a far cry from the chalk and talk of yesteryear. For this generation, technology is just an appliance - the internet has been around since they were babies.
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martie said...

As yes, our techno babies! As they grow who knows what they will bring to our world. And those whiteboards are a blessing! Enjoy your half-way point!