Monday, 9 March 2009

Greek Yum Cha

I kid you not, we went for Greek Yum Cha right on Cronulla beach on Saturday. It was very, very nice - $30 per head and the small courses kept on coming. Grilled octopus, baked lamb, spinach triangles, dips, chicken wings, baked vegetables - and we still found space to walk up to the gelato shop and take our cones back down to the beach afterwards. At the beach we were treated to a shark alarm - everyone out of the water while a helicopter flew low over the errant shark until he "left the area". People were then told they could go back in the water - at their own risk. Not many took up the offer!

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martie said...

What a perfectly wonderful day it must have been. Love Greek food. The *entertainment* on the beach was a bonus!!