Saturday, 14 February 2009

w00t! it's the weekend..

....and we are going to my good friend and colleague's 4oth birthday celebration on the rooftop of the Glenmore Hotel. It's an historic hotel in The Rocks - we'll be under those white umbrellas enjoying a misty view of the harbour. (It's raining - and noone is complaining about that).

The Rocks were the subject of a lot of controversy in the 1960's as developers wanted to raze the area. A building unionist, Jack Munday, placed "green bans" on the area, and ultimately saved it - and I for one am very glad he did.

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martie said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating your friend's 40th. And raise a glass to Jack Munday - he deserves a toast at the very least!

And let's pray that the rains continue until all the fires are out!!