Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bag Lady

Apparently what you carry around each day in your favourite bag says a lot about you - mine is quite minimal compared with some I could name (Eliza - I'm talking about you) so here it is:

  • Red wallet

  • comb (rarely used)

  • lipstick (rarely used)

  • small notebook

  • pen

  • small diary

  • mobile phone

  • house & car keys

  • stamps

  • bandaids

So I guess that this says I'd like to be well groomed but don't quite get around to it, like to write down random things, haven't learned to use my Nokia for diarising, still occasionally use snail mail and often walk too far in unsuitable shoes and give myself blisters....


Elle said...

I have no idea what you are talking about! haha

I love my bag - it's my life..I call it organised!


martie said...

I must be trashy-woman. My bag is full of old store receipts and atm papers. Other than that, I travel light as well. Smart move, those band-aids!