Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ten things you can do on holidays at home.....

You can't have the holiday of a lifetime every school holidays, but you can still have a good time.........
1) go out for a big breakfast at the deli cafe
2) take prawns, crusty bread and white wine to the park by the river
3) see "Caramel" at Leichhardt preceded by gelato and followed by pasta
4) play around with printing photos on post-its, stickers and magnet paper
5) make a "Snapfish" book from your last holiday
6) sleep in
7) take afternoon naps
8) stay up late because you slept in and took an afternoon nap
9) fix up the house, wait for tradespeople
10) ...and finally, do some work to prepare for next term

Holidays at home are great, but I'm saving up for my next overseas jaunt as well...

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martie said...

What a great list! I enjoy travelling, but I have always enjoyed my vacations at home too. I especially like your item 2 - the picnic by the river in the park. I don't have a river (or other water), but I have woods and I frequently dine with the creatures I hare this space with!