Saturday, 20 September 2008

Wells for Birthdays

My son Paull turned 25 on Thursday. I rang him from my mobile whilst walking the dogs along the river here in Sydney - he took the call on a train heading to Philadelphia. Paull and a friend have used their September birthdays to raise money for a charity that builds wells in Ethiopia. Between them they raised around $4000. How did they do it? Using the tool of their generation,social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. I truly believe that the future is in good hands with these fine young people.


martie said...

What a wonderful son you have! Wells are one of the greatest gifts on this earth - clean water! And I agree with you - our children have the tools and abilities to make huge, global changes. You must be so proud of him!

Kate I said...

Ditto what Martie said! What a wonderful thing to do. I really love how much good can be done via the internet!