Sunday, 14 September 2008

Power to the People

I spent another looooooooong day yesterday handing out "How to Vote" pamphlets for the Greens at our Local Government Elections. Australia's three levels of government often overlap, and despite local government being mainly concerned with parks, garbage and building codes, party politics takes precedence. The Greens fared well in Sydney, with the most ever number of candidates being elected. People are sending a clear message to Government - we can't do it alone, we need strong Government policies to help combat climate change in our hot, dry country. The high point of the long day? The camaraderie between "rival" handing-out volunteers. I don't know if it happens at all polling booths, but in our area I've experienced it every election. It sure makes a long day go faster when you can chat and joke with the other workers. Despite our political differences, we all have something in common - passion and commitment (and sore feet, wind-chapped lips and sunburn!)

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martie said...

Soak those feet, apply some medication to those lips and ease your sunburn with vinegar (smells nice, but it's soothing) and then pat yourself on the back. I think it's wonderful you were there supporting the Greens. It's wonderful to be involved. We only have one life and one earth. WAY TO GO!!