Saturday, 16 August 2008


Social Enterprise - what a wonderful way to empower communities. I've just been reading about Lord Mawson, who set up a national charity in the UK called "CAN" (Community Action Network). It allows 400 charitable and non-profit organisations to work together in a three-storey building, sharing resources such as fax machines, copiers, phones, even kitchens and meeting rooms. He also arranges funding for projects in vulnerable communities, so that the people themselves can take positive action in their community.

With my background in Community Development, I am enormously impressed with this model and the man who finds innovative uses for derelict empty buildings (art classes, ballet school,a creche). I know many community organisations working from tiny, drafty rooms with crippling overheads - what a great idea to join together in one lovely building.

Picture: not really gratuitous San Francisco snap

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martie said...

Now that man is a genius! I love seeing old buildings getting new life. Seems such a waste to build new when we have good buildings allowed to go to ruin.

Like your new look Cate!