Friday, 25 July 2008

Perfect ending

A perfect end to a whirlwind holiday - hired bikes and rode along the waterfront, up a hill, then freewheeled over the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh what a feeling! - flying along on my bicycle, blue sky, beautiful views to the right, left, front and back.

Down a hill to cute little Sausalito, lunch by the water, ferry back to SF.
Holiday over :(


martie said...

Welcome home! Your holiday sounds like it was wonderful and full of exciting events. It must have been hard to say good bye to your son, but I find it's always good to be home. Those first few days of becoming reacquainted with your home, sleeping in your own bed, being around your pets, smelling the familiar smells, hearing the familiar sounds! Holidays are wonderful, and sometimes they help us appreciate our "regular" life a bit more. Again -- welcome home!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip! I so enjoyed meeting you in Macy's.