Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hello Golden Gate Bridge

That's what I said this morning as we had lattes and almond croissants down at the ferry building. When Paull stopped laughing he told me that the bridge in question was just a "random" bridge. I finally found the correct bridge as we drove across it on the way to Wine Country, Napa Valley.

What a great day! Sunny, blue sky, rolling hills, wine tasting, picnic from the deli (with wine) and return trip by ferry past Alcatraz. Can I just keep travelling for ever? I need to make a million, fast!


Kate I said...

Oh yes, you and me both! I love travelling too and the feeling of expansiveness that it brings...new sites, new thoughts and idea's, new people, new experiences. We're thinking of a quick trip down to the Napa Valley this fall...we've done a few other wine trips to different areas in California and have enjoyed them all.
Happy Trails!

martie said...

Sounds like you are having a perfect trip! Enjoy!