Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mothers and Daughters (and Aunts)

I was honoured to stand in for my sister, Annie, last night at a Mother/Daughter function. My clever and beautiful niece is studying at Sydney University, and Annie is based in Hong Kong, so I was lucky enough to be invited to her college, Sancta Sophia. Afternoon tea in the Quadrangle, reminiscient of Oxford, a church service, then a formal dinner in the dining hall. The girls were resplendent in their academic gowns. Coffee and port in front of a roaring fire downstairs completed the evening. I just looked up "resplendent" to check the spelling, and the meaning is: "shining brilliantly, gleaming, splendid". These young women are certainly that.


martie said...

I bet it was a perfect evening! How wonderful that you were able to share this event with your niece.

martie said...

Shoot! I linked my previous comment to my photoblog instead of my usual one. Sorry!

Annie said...

What a lovely evening I've missed! Looks very Ivy League. Maybe I'll get to go to one in July when we are in Sydney on holiday.
Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!