Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sorry - not the hardest word

I shared a historic moment today with 120 children. Gathered around a small television set, we all listened quietly as our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, read a thoughtful and moving apology to our indigenous people. The public gallery in Parliament House, as well as the lawns outside were filled with aboriginal people who had travelled to witness the event. The previous evening a community group known as "GetUp" spelled out the words "Sorry. The first step" in candles on the lawn. I am always impressed with the sense of fairness children display when they learn about moral issues, and this issue is no exception.

Thank you, Prime Minister Rudd.


Annie said...

We were moved to tears reading this on the internet today. Especially since it has been such a long time coming.
Thanks goodness for our new PM.
The faces of the elders of the tribe showed many untold stories.

martie said...

I think the rest of the world listened in wonder and humble gratitude that the new PM has the courage to make this apology. We can all learn from him! Thank you for sharing this.

Paull said...

I'm with Anne on this one. Watching the speech from NYC was a really significant moment. One of the prouder moments of Australia's short history.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. Breaks my heart open a bit.