Sunday, 10 February 2008

99 ways to love a child.....

Googling around on Sunday afternoon, looking for lesson plans to (plagiarise) (borrow) (steal) use, I came across this lovely piece from a teacher in Norway:

99 Ways to Love Your Child:

Accept Admire Adore Advise Advocate Aid Allow Amaze Answer Applaud Appreciate Approve Ask Assist Assure Attend Believe Care Carry Celebrate Challenge Champion Charm Cheer Cherish Comfort Commit Compliment Confide Consider Console Defend Devote Discipline Discover Educate Empathize Empower Encourage Endorse Enlighten Excite Explain Guide Hear Hold Honor Hope Hug Imagine Influence Inspire Involve Join Kiss Know Laugh Learn Like Limit Listen Marvel Motivate Need Notice Nourish Nurture Observe Offer Participate Play Please Praise Protect Provide Recognise Regard Respect Respond Show Smile Speak Squeeze Stimulate Suggest Supervise Support Surprise Talk Teach Thank Train Treasure Trust Understand Value Watch Wish Wonder.

Hold their hand so that they can walk, let go so that they can run, cheer so that they can fly!

(By Trine Meyer Vogsland , who teaches English as a second language in Norway)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh....I LOVE this!!
I'm printing it out. It's definitely something I want on my fridge!
And that pic is precious, isn't it?
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

sorrow11 said...

This was a wonderful find! looking forward to copying it myself!
thanks for hunting it up!

martie said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing. I think it should be a motto for all parents!

Serendipity said...

I'm loving how all the moms connect to this the same way I did. Thanks for your comments!

Patti said...

Loved this Cate!