Sunday, 17 February 2008

Enjoying the weekend........

Weekend (TO DO) Have Done List:
  • Saturday brunch
  • lunch at the Art Gallery Cafe (above)
  • Enjoyed ArtExpress exhibition
  • DVD at home night ("Evening" - I'll give it two and a half stars)
  • Weeding!
  • Pruning!
  • Ironing! Washing!
  • Vacuuming!
  • Art journal, sketching, painting
  • Blogging, net-surfing
  • organised next week for school
  • ....and tonight we are going to see "There will be Blood" at Leichhardt (Sydney's Little Italy) so pasta and a glass of red will be appropriate.

Was it only two days long, this weekend??


Paull said...

This is probably my favourite post mum.

Why? Because of the casual '!' next to the more boring items on your done list :)

Kate I said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Lot's of "out and about" and lots of "taking care of business" at home.

Glad it was a good one! Mine was great too...boogie boarding with friends yesterday, on a beautiful deserted beach, and then out for Italian.

martie said...

Wow - you were busy! It sounds like you had a weekend full of joy and love. I hope your week continues on this path.

sorrow11 said...

Sigh, here is to longer weekends, and red wine!