Monday, 14 January 2008


- and the net will be there. Or, thought for the day, maybe you don't need a net !

These pictures were taken on our Stanwell Park "excursion" last week using the sports function button on my Canon Power Shot. (Click to enlarge - it's worth it). I think I have a smudge on the lense - something to do with the choctop icecream I was attempting to eat while we all waited for the right wind gust. No, I didn't have a go!


sorrow11 said...

Breathtaking! More fun to watch than do, for me at least!
Wonderful pics, and the spot adds a certain charm!

Annie said...

One of my favorite phrases is 'face your fears' which I have done many times, but I cannot say that I would willingly 'jump' over this cliff..........great photos tho'

Serendipity said...

Feel the fear = and do it anyway!