Friday, 14 December 2007

The Power of Feedback...

Wow, I've just realised how affirming it is to receive positive feedback. Thanks to those lovely people who commented on my first real painting. I think it might look better in the photo than it does in real life!! However, my daughter loves it and she is not known for her tact........ you have taught me a valuable lesson as a teacher. We know we should give ten positives for each negative, etc etc, but the reality is, you're pulled ten ways at once dealing with this and that and forget. I'll be "positively affirming" a lot more regularly from now on. Thankyou, you caring, thoughtful people!


sorrow11 said...

10 positives/ LOL I am in trouble now! I usually only sugar coat my kids once!
Seriously though, your painting is lovely and I truly hope you continue to paint!

Anonymous said...

That painting is gorgeous! I cannot believe it's your first one!
You have talent girl!

Annie said...

Love the tryptich- each piece looks great alone as well as together.
Only 1 slight neg- I'd hang them closer together- just a tad.
Is it of anywhere in particular?
Or just a place you go in your imagination.
Quite enigmatic.........
and yes, I've bagged the cat.