Monday, 1 October 2007


Spring in Sydney - school holidays, lunch at the Fish markets and stocking up on fruit, veg and flowers. How lucky we are to have such a range of cheap, healthy food. The drought along the Murray River is causing farmers to rethink their crops, or leave their farms, but in the north of Australia we have increased rainfall. Looks like we might be in for structural change to established patterns of farming. Although in the long run this will allow the once mighty Murray to reestablish itself, there will be an emotional and monetary cost to farmers. Meanwhile, I won't take our fruit and vegetable supplies for granted. Three punnets of large, sweet strawberries for $5? Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Growing up in the NT we never had fresh pretty country garden flowers. We had some native flowers but very few and far between. One fact I love about NSW is the abundance of flowers :) and the juicy berries!!! I have a mulberry tree in my front yard and I adore it!