Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tea for One

My sister, visiting from Hong Kong recently, berated me for not owning a teapot. My protests that I usually had tea for one, in a hurry, fell on deaf ears. Apparently it just tastes better, even if you happen to put teabags in the pot. I have owned teapots in the past, but they've all come to a sad end, losing handles or spouts or lids. Soon I began seeing teapots everywhere - do you have any idea of the variety of design and range of cost in teapots? I saw Wedgewood pots (too expensive and too genteel) metal pots (too cold and utilitarian) Japanese pots (too small) a funky red, blue, yellow and aqua pottery pot (too clunky) then - at last - in a Chinese supermarket, the perfect pot for me. Simple, elegant, enough for two or three people and only $7!!- and Anne is right - it not only tastes better, it forces me to linger longer over my Saturday morning cuppa. Thanks, Annie!

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Annie said...

Can't wait to share a pot next time I'm in Sydney. I have my favorite chai tea every afternoon after school - don't get a lunch break in the new job so I really look forward to my 'pot' at 4.30 pm.