Saturday, 5 May 2007

Say Yes !

Late last year our extended family suggested a mega-family-reunion to coincide with a favourite uncle's 70th birthday. As the news was passed around - wonderfully, amazingly, everybody said "YES!"
So it will become a micro-family-reunion for the Stilwell Siblings. I'm looking forward to Helen arriving from Queensland on Friday, Anne from Hong Kong on Saturday, the big family bash on Sunday with Patti and Philip (yes, a brother!!) and then a week of being siblings together. This will cushion the impact of Paull, my globetrotting son, leaving for his new life in the Big Apple the same week. At least he gets to see all his Aunties (and Uncle) together in Australia before he goes. The picture above was taken on the last occasion of us being together all at once- was it 16!!*? years ago??


Sally said...

Hi! thanks for coming and visiting my blog....glad you found something to relate to!

Paull Young said...

16 years ago and you all look just the same! (well, some of you have better haircuts now ;-)).

I hope the Stilwell genes are as kind to men as they have been to these good sorts!

Kate I said...

OK, now who is who here? I recognize Helen but the rest you...I'm not sure. I'm so envious of you all, having 4 sisters and a brother...I have 1 brother and although I'm grateful to have him, I always wanted a sister and never quite forgave my mother for not providing me with one! Have a wonderful reunion/gathering!!

Cate said...

Pat is on the far right of the photo, I'm in the white,Helen between us, then Anne on the left. I always wished for a big brother- I guess we are always wondering "what if?"