Friday, 11 May 2007

Face Facts

"You raise your kids to fly" is a saying often heard; I've encouraged mine to be independent from a very early age. I helped to begin a Montessori pre-school 20 years ago, because their motto is "help me help myself" (there wasn't one in the neighbourhood, so a few parents decided to make one happen. It is still there, catering for 40 children).
So, face facts! You teach them to reach for the stars, and if you are lucky, they do. Eliza has just started a great job at Standards Australia in the heart of Sydney; Paull is flying out on Monday to begin a great job in New York. I'll be teary, of course - but also excited. We went out for Thai and the new Australian movie "Noise" at Newtown for a farewell/Mothers Day treat. Great movie, lovely meal, a special evening.

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Anonymous said...

Yay to you for raising strong, independent kids!!