Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Stay On Course

Spent today in one of my favourite places, the Art Gallery of NSW. We went for the Archibald Prize exhibition and were lucky enough to catch ArtExpress as well - the best of the HSC major works. Above is the winning Archibald portrait of Janet Laurence by John Beard. We found ourselves marvelling at the talent and expertise of the artists - then were amazed at the talent of the Year 12 students in ArtExpress. I became aware of how much thought, work and time would have gone into these major works, especially the Year 12 students who have so many other subjects to study for at the same time. A great work is rarely dashed off in no time - the creator really has to "stay on course".

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welcome to my universe said...

Were you there when ABC Radio was broadcasting? I heard someone yell out 'East Hills' in response to a question and I said to Lauren, 'maybe that was Cate'

I love ArtExpress, this agegroup has such amazing imagination and perspective on life.