Friday, 13 April 2007

Enjoy the Ride

After listing the 13 maxims of improvisational theatre (Patricia Ryan Madson) I had the notion to catergorise each post by maxim - will it work? Let's improvise and find out......

In response to Pat's post about Yoga, I told her how I started doing yoga to music on Anne's balcony in Hong Kong. Here is the balcony, as you can see, conducive to meditaton, introspection, and afternoon teas!
The music (Jose Feliciano) just happened to be on while I was doing some stretches, so I started sub-conciously holding the pose in time to the music. I enjoyed the experience so much that now I always have music with my yoga. Half the fun is finding appropriate CD's - Sting (Brand New Day) works really well (no surprise when you remember his Tantric Sex comments!) amd Sarah Blasko (What the Sea wants, the Sea Shall Have) is good also - and anything by Leonard Cohen.


welcome to my universe said...

With such an amazing view, I would find it difficult to do anything on that balcony except gaze and meditate. I have done Yoga to music before, but you are right, the musical choice is a personal thing. I'll look into Sting though!

Helen said...

I need the instructions with yoga so I do it to a video with suitably new agey dreamy Indian music. I walk to music though as it keeps me going