Sunday, 8 June 2014


April- come she will (Apologies to Simon & Garfunkel) and May too. Winter coming v=e=r=y slowly, with sunny days and balmy nights - global warming? It certainly is the hottest May on record in Sydney. Easter holidays in April saw me doing my very own 'Grand Designs' - should have done it years ago - whereby I had a fixed window changed to a sliding door.

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It has totally changed the way we live, now taking any opportunity to sit outside, and forcing me to become a gardener of sorts. I even had a 'sliding doors' party (well, lunch) to celebrate, with antipasto outside followed by gnocchi and lasagne and salad at the table inside.
Simple pleasures!

Balmy June evenings saw many Sydneysiders (including Eliza & me) sipping wine by the harbour and watching the VIVID festival lights. The Opera House was brilliant, but I loved this building too:

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- a constantly changing facade with music pumping, and - how handy- an outdoor bar right there.
Love to travel, but love my city too.

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