Monday, 14 April 2014

March(ing) On

March saw us all in a 'hampster on a wheel' frame of mind, as we realised the holidays were long gone and Easter was a long way off. After a bit of whingeing I counted my blessings and soldiered on. I've kept to my resolution to keep the weekends free of school work, and feel more efficient at work because of that.


Sketch club has continued - first Sunday each month, rotating venues - no rules - and it has made me pick up my sketchpad at other times, so I've found my sketching mojo again, love it! Best movie this month: Tracks (I loved the book in 1979, and the movie does it justice). Best place for an after movie analysis/wine: Newtown Hotel, upstairs, with a bowl of fried stuffed olives.

Moving into April and an Easter break, I'm getting some work done around the house, changing a fixed pair of windows into a glass sliding door to the back verandah, swapping the 25year old green & cream awnings to chic (I hope) new black awnings, and starting to reclaim the garden from Butthead, the 16 year old dog, who is still with us but not terribly interested in digging up plants any more.

Watch this space for my 'Grand Designs' moment....


martie said...

Love this photo - so full of people who are enjoying life rather than rushing here and there! Hope your March was wonderful and that April is equally good for you!

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