Monday, 15 October 2012

A Weekend In Pictures

I got moving early on a brilliant spring Saturday morning, and drove to the start of the boardwalk along the prettiest part of the river, which joins the National Park, for a pre-emptive strike (exercising before spending a weekend eating, sitting, socialising and drinking).

I came home and baked (!) scones (pic is of Banana Bread baking, but I really DID make scones)  for my brunch-buddy, which we devoured on the front deck with jam and (low fat) cream. I read the papers with a friendly kitten sitting next to me, then headed into the Botanical Gardens in the city with another friend for a 'Crave' Sydney lunch deal. Fortuitously, lunch was accompanied by a matched glass of wine with each course (3) and a pink (guava juice/champagne) on arrival - who knew?

A longish tour of the Art Gallery was in order after lunch to kill time while the wine left the system.

That was just Saturday.....Sunday was lunch with old friends, not my turn to host, so very relaxing; telling yarns, reviewing movies, sharing books, remembering 1970 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for the three of us who were there. I'm so glad that our partners get on so well - good friends are like solid gold.

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Martie said...

What a wonderful weekend! And you are so right about good friends being solid gold. Wishing you many, many more similar weekends.