Monday, 13 August 2012

Roar & Snore

The name says it all - we slept over at the zoo on Saturday night for Eliza's birthday, and it was a fantastic experience from the welcome wine and cheese at 6pm, to the fully catered dinner, to the night tour (just two groups of 15 & infrared torches), to the luxurious 'tents' with the best view in Sydney. Despite howling winds, we slept like sloths and awoke to have a tasty breakfast (with the morning view) and a behind the scenes tour. Lions & tigers are very active early in the morning, and we were rewarded with some close encounters. Patting a koala, a sea-lion (very wet) and feeding the giraffes were highlights, however - my face says it all.


Paull Young said...

Love the Giraffe photo!

martie said...

Oh my goodness! What fun - I've never heard of this type of "camping". You lead such an interesting life!