Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Winter Solstice

We've had our shortest day; Aussies are currently complaining about being 'cold' - although I did have to scrape frost off the car windows this morning. Currently I am:

  • Reading: New York, by Edward Rutherford (up to page 779 of 1017 - I feel like I've been reading it for a loooooong time, but I'm loving the history lesson.
  • Watching: Take this Waltz - I've decided that Michelle Williams is such a good actor - this movie is deep and meaningful and very good.
  • Cooking - whatever, in the slow cooker, with lots of vegetables, beans and tomatoes.
  • Waiting - for some holiday goodness from 29/6.


martie said...

Sounds like you had a great winter solstice! And I LOVE that kitty and I can imagine the escapades he/she gets up to. I've been away too long from the blog world and it's good to see you are still here. Have a great week!

AHOP said...

Wow - I'm 53-years-old and I never really knew what 'Winter Solstice' meant -- I had to look it up. Frost on the windows? That seems so hard to believe when we're suffering 95-100 degree temperatures during the day in Southeast USA. I am ready for fall and winter. I also loved your kitty picture. People with cats are special people. I have a black and white kitty also named Isabelle. She is a little cuddlebug...the sweetest little thing. I can remember when she was as young as yours. So cute!