Friday, 2 March 2012

Renaissance Woman

This week I have:

  • painted triptychs 
  • played recorder music
  • acted in improv
  • refd Touch Football (!)
  • debated
  • analysed
  • critiqued
What - no dancing? How did I forget that? No wonder I am exhausted, looking forward to the weekend. Pity my "to do" list is about 5 hours long....I intend to balance that with a movie, some wine & friends and some mindless TV on the Lifestyle channel. I'm not sure why I like relaxing in front of gorgeous homes in quaint English villages, but it does seem brain needs a rest for sure. Now, my watch says "winetime"....


martie said...

Oh - wine time is good time!! Hope you ended up having that restful weekend! You week was certainly busy. I've been chilling myself - I had 3 days and greedily want more. LOL

Take care and have a great week!

MisJitly said...

Good luck