Saturday, 21 January 2012

White Infinity

From Karen Barlow's blog:

Despite being on holidays till 27/1, I have been slaving away on the computer preparing interesting, hopefully engaging work, for Term 1. Our first social science unit is 'Antarctica', a subject I love to teach. Coincidentally, it was the first unit I taught in my first year of teaching in 2001; eleven years later, my methods have improved and so has the internet. The array of videos, images and information available now is brilliant. One example is this blog from ABC reporter Karen Barlow, who has just returned from commemorating 100 years since Mawson explored Antarctica. I loved this juxtaposition of a photo from 100 years ago with the site now - almost makes you believe in ghosts, or 'spirits" at least.
The issues facing Antarctica are a microcosm of issues facing the world - global warming, arguments to drill for oil and mining, eco-tourism, depleted food chains, arguments to have a military presence there - lots of good stuff for my gifted and talented students, not to mention continental drift, fossils and evolution. I am almost keen to get started!

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