Sunday, 27 November 2011


November '11 was a month to remember, because:

  • Sculpture by the Sea began
  • Helen & Alan came to Sydney for a visit from the Sunshine Coast
  • Paull and girlfriend Heather came to Sydney from NYC for a visit
  • Eliza found her dream car and bought it
  • I saw both my kids doing what they do for a living, at the same time, and they were great
  • A large contingent of extended family, and friends who are family, went to the Hunter Valley Wine country for a day trip to remember
  • I threw my first Thanksgiving Dinner - it was so good, it will be the first of many!
  • 3 sisters,1 niece, 2 nephews and 1 brother and 1 sister-in-law had Thai food overlooking the harbour in my sister-in-law & brother's new house
  • My house has been full of friends and family


Paull said...

What a month!!! So happy to be part of it!

martie said...

You have had an amazing month! I am smiling as I write this - so wonderful to celebrate an entire month with photos and then all your happy news. Love a full house!! What a wonderful life you have!