Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wonderful WA

...that's Western Australia. The Margaret River district is beautiful AND it has lots of lovely wineries, AND it has dramatic coastline and great beaches, AND it has a Berry Farm, AND it has a chocolate factory &  cafe, AND cute little cafes and great pub food....and no, I didn't really want to come home! AND whales and dolphins, in our case, together, which was a magical afternoon on a calm, sunny day.


Patricia Ryan Madson said...

Thanks for posting the Improv Wisdom maxims. I love seeing how far and wide these ideas have traveled. May all of your improvisations turn out well
Patricia Ryan Madson

Creative said...

How beautiful your photos are!

martie said...

Oh my - suck wonder sights and sounds and smells you must have enjoyed! Chocolate shop and coffee and the ocean.... Heaven! Thanks for sharing.