Monday, 22 August 2011

Spoke too soon....

Oops. had a minor car accident that turned major when my left wrist got tangled in the spinning steering wheel. From all the drama that followed, several things stand out:

  • ambulance crews are amazing and fantastic
  • police are helpful when you need them
  • fire crews will jump at any chance to cut a door off a car 
  • family are the best people you can have in your life: sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, long distance son & daughter included
  • friends are the family you choose for yourself, and are therefore included in the above
  • medical specialists are gifted, special people
  • nurses are the most under-rated, under-paid people but are consistently kind, caring and professional
  • my arm hurts!


Kate I said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident Cate...what a shock it must have beeen for you! It sounds as though you got the medical attention and care that you needed and now it's all about resting and healing.

martie said...

Oh my goodness Cate! I am so happy that you weren't hurt worse than you were. I can't imagine the pain or the emotional trauma you went through. I'm sending you healing thoughts. Take care of yourself!!

And I agree with your assessment of the medical people - they are very special.

rsctt603 said...

your observations aresooooooo true.

Chase said...

and a Kindle makes for a great companion