Wednesday, 5 January 2011

10 things I like about....

....this summer holiday time of year:

  1. eating dinner outside
  2. lunches by the sea, river, pool...
  3. family on holiday too
  4. overseas visitors
  5. cousins catching up
  6. not setting the alarm clock
  7. finding time for friends
  8. going to the movies whenever the mood strikes (don't miss The King's Speech)
  9. finally doing those odd jobs around the home
  10. using the cricket as an excuse to lie on the lounge all afternoon (with novel open too)
Our picnic lunch at the river today was shared by two happy horses, trotters, so not just cooling off but exercising their tendons. The weather is perfect, cool for this time of year but sunny; sadly, in Northern Queensland the floods are devastating. At least the cool, wet weather has reduced the bushfire threat in most states.
Summer holidays - beautiful one day, perfect the next.


Helen said...

Sounds like our `retired' life :)

martie said...

All great things, but right now #6 appeals to be oh-so-much! Keep on keeping on!