Monday, 6 September 2010

You know you like coffee when......

  • you have at least three loyalty cards in your wallet
  • at least two coffee shops greet you by your first name
  • you sanctimoniously drink green tea all day at work, because you know you are having a coffee on the way home
  • if meetings look like going past 4.30pm, you get twitchy
  • on weekends, you've been known to visit three cafes in one day
  • your "one coffee a day" rule does not include Saturday & Sunday
  • catching up with friends, business meetings and community get-togethers all happen at a cafe
  • you've become a regular at a cafe that opened only three weeks ago
Couldn't be me, could it?


Annie said...

It is very hard isn't it, with great coffee in Sydney and fragrant coffee smells wafting towards you on every breeze...

martie said...

Ha, ha! I am SO there with you! My idea of heaven is a great cup of coffee with friends. In the shop is perfect because we don't have to fix it or clean up the mess after.

patti said...

I bet you typed this incredibly fast...on a wave of beautiful caffiene