Sunday, 26 September 2010

Maybe this time?

My son barracks for St George, as his father did and his father before get the picture. In Paull's lifetime, his team have made it to the grand final twice, and both times he was there. Both times they lost, very hard for a little guy to take. Last night his team won the semi-final by one point, and next Sunday they will be in the Grand Final again, but the now 27 year old Paull will be in New York City. He'll be up in the middle of the night, watching it with other ex-pats at the Australian Hotel. His sister flies in to Sydney from Europe on the day, so she'll be celebrating or commiserating with his Aussie mates. Go the Dragons!!


Annie said...

Richard will be watching too- he is a die hard fan. However Alec and I will be cheering for the Roosters so expect some interesting noises from our house next week- Roosters crowing and Dragons dying? Roosters croaking and Dragons flying?

Eliza said...

Oh mum I love this post - possibly my favourite post!