Thursday, 13 May 2010

Well I might be having a case of the "blahs", but my son is not. He has taken the job of "Director of Digital Engagement" with this excellent organisation, Charity:Water. They provide safe, clean drinking water in places that need it most, such as Haiti, Cambodia and Ethiopia. Every dollar raised goes directly to the projects, with administration funded separately. They are unique in using Social Media extensively to raise donations and to keep donors in touch with where their money is being used.paull young
This is his staff photo from the Charity:Water site - I may be biased, but I think it is a great shot!


martie said...

That is SO impressive. You have got to be smiling. You have raised an energetic, socially-concisous man. WAY TO GO!

Sorrow said...

Absolutely an AWESOME SHOT!
there's the face of some one doing something they love and making all the difference!
No bias needed!

Elle said...

What a hunk!! xoxo Following his bliss.

patti said...

I must have missed this post somehow! Fantastic job and it IS a great photo!