Thursday, 27 May 2010

The end was not nigh :(

I'm still going! I seem to have been working on these 27 individualised reports for over 4 weeks, and I'm still just nearing the finish line. I gave myself a day off on Sunday and went to see "New York I Love You", (the follow up to "Paris Je t'aime") with another teacher. We went to Newtown, browsed in Eastern Flair, Berkolows Books, Better Read than Dead, Tea 2 and all the other funky shops; had lunch at a Thai restaurant then went to the movies at the Dendy. Definitely felt like we were playing Hookey! In honour of the movie (which I loved) here is a pic. from the Brooklyn Art Museum.


patti said...

Saw a trailer for 'New York I Love You' on Sarah Wilson's blog and it looked great!

Re: Archibald - I always enjoy it. Liked Newtons self-portrait of himself while his father was dying and the Kate Ceberano - a great composition, nice and fresh colour. The aboriginal director's face was a little de ja vou. Women were under-represented as subjects! Overall enjoyed the Wynne Prize & Victorian Visions slightly more than I did the Archibald!

Had my parent/teacher nite last week. All your work is not in vain, it really helps!!

martie said...

Oh what a fun filled day you had! I love Thai food - and those shops (at least the names) sound so interesting.

Good luck finishing up your reports!