Saturday, 3 April 2010

Crossing Delancey

Some years ago I saw a movie called Crossing Delancey, with the premise being that it was the wrong side of the tracks. Yesterday I walked down to the Tenement Museum from E.10th, and crossed Delancey. The vibe is very different down there, not all gentrified like the East Village. Loved the history of the tenements, learned a lot.

After that I used my new-found confidence using the Subway system to take the E train down to the World Trade Centre. The memorial gallery is very moving, very sad, but it was something I needed to do. Kind of paying my respects to the people who went to work and didn't come home.

Tonight I am going to Van Diemans on 3rd and 27th for a rugby fundraiser..Paull's team, the Village Lions, are playing a French Navy team tomorrow (won't miss that!) and they are all invited tonight. I hope we all make it home in one piece.......

au revoir!

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