Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Keeping It Real

Bohemian Mum recently blogged about the way we tend to show only our good side to the world. She bravely listed all her not-so-perfect qualities, which made me think about mine. I'm a neat-freak, so the house is usually tidy; I'm used to looking after everything on my own, so the pets are walked & fed, the fridge has healthy food, the plants are watered. However.....inside the cupboards, out of sight is definitely out of mind. Especially my school stuff, which is in constant disarray in my study and in my storeroom and desk at work. Looking at the book titles squished into this cupboard gives me a reason for this: maths, improv, science, philosophy, gifted children, geography, pottery, Excel for Dummies, Term1,2,3, &4, - no wonder I'm always drowning, not waving!


kate i said...

Ah yes, closets and cupboards are my nemesis too although I haven't been in this house long enough yet to clutter them up too badly. I think the garage has become my new "closet" challenge!

martie said...

It is always hard to admit we are less than perfect and I think you are brave to share your "behind the door" clutter! I also am used to taking care of things on my own - and I admit to being a bit of a control freak. But often my clutter is surrounding me -- my desk, my knitting projects beside my chair, stacks of recipes to try - and so on.

Sorrow said...

I saw that post and laughed out loud!
I think I did a post once on my kitchen, and how there are books stacked on the chairs and crumbs everywhere.
Life is so messy..
I am glad to know that you do have a bit of clutter some where.
I still think of that tidy studio you posted long ago, and think" if only"

Annie said...

It is a brave woman who shows that side of herself to the world. For me it would be my fridge.......aaagghhh whats that! yuck....

patti said...

My studio - piles of stuff creeps up silently behind me till all of a sudden I can't move! The garage (Mine & Phil's school holiday challenge!)and a spare room where stuff I don't know what to do with goes. Oh, and the cupboard under the bathroom vanity!