Thursday, 4 February 2010

Working Smarter

I'm pleased that I haven't lost that holiday feeling; something to do with my NY intention to work smarter, not harder. Something to do with being on Year 4 instead of 5/6, and being lucky to have a class of curious, switched-on kids.

This pic. was from my Perth sojourn - we were cruising the canals of Mandurah, lusting over the waterfront mansions with million dollar boats on their own moorings, when a friendly dolphin began swimming under our boat and popping up on the other side, then doing it again and again. Even with sports action set on my camera, I couldn't catch him up close, and I kindly let the Japanese tourists have the best position. This snap was taken as we left the enclosed canal system and headed out into the large estuary. I was pleased to see him head off, as I thought he might have been lost. Meanwhile, I certainly won't be winning "Wildlife Photographer of the Year."


martie said...

But I bet you are in the running for "having the most fun" award! It sounds like you had a delightful trip!

Annie said...

Dolphins are notorious for dipping underwatr just at that moment you press the button. I have loads of photos of murky HK harbour water from my last attempt at photographing the Pink Dolphins in the Pearl River.