Thursday, 24 September 2009


Nah, it wasn't, but it was really first I thought the awning had fallen over the bedroom window, but then realised the whole house was bathed in an orange glow at 6am. As my 5 year old nephew said: "Everything's orange outside". City folk are complaining, but in the far west of the country it happens all the time, and much worse I suspect.


Annie said...

I took Alec to school at 7am for his Canberra trip- both of us were coughing by the time we got to the end of the street. Grit in eyes, throat, between the fingers. All the radio stations were contacted by people worried about their aircon filters............there is some sort of connection??

Paull Young said...

Wow, Seen a lot of these pics but its all the more surreal seeing pics of home in the orange glow!

martie said...

Saw it on the news - really different! And while I'm sure it wasn't wonderful to breathe, it was am amazing site from the pictures we saw!